Anxiety Therapy

I am an anxiety expert in Manhattan helping New Yorkers manage their anxiety. Anxiety therapy can accomplish a great deal for someone who grapples with social anxiety, panic, generalized and persistent anxiety or performance anxiety.

Think of anxiety as the anticipation that a catastrophe will occur, as opposed to depression, which is more about the sense that a catastrophe has already occurred. I will help you overcome distorted and irrational beliefs related to your anxiety.

Most importantly, I will offer you concrete tools to use in your efforts to lower your anxiety.

I am trained to do Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as well as insight-oriented therapy. The combination of the two often yields the most powerful results for the treatment of anxiety. I’m acutely aware that just living the New York City lifestyle adds another level of anxiety to our everyday experience. This is why I’m dedicated to being the anxiety therapist NYC needs. I am constantly updating my knowledge and honing my skills to give you the best treatment experience possible.

If you are seeking anxiety therapy in NYC, please do not hesitate to call me at 917-566-7312 or email me with questions about my approach to treating anxiety.