Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the Financial District of NYC

At my office in the Financial District (and in Chelsea) I help New Yorkers with extremely demanding jobs. In order to provide a powerful and effective therapeutic experience as a psychologist on Wall Street, I am constantly honing my abilities to to match the needs of people who live and work around Wall Street.

Whether you’re an executive at a large company or at the dawn of your career, I offer a high level of psychological care that will make a huge difference in your life. It all depends on how ready and committed you are to making changes in the way you think and feel. Quite often, positive results are experienced within just a few sessions.

I get what kind of therapy NYC needs and I am highly committed to being the best psychologist New Yorkers can experience.

Some Services Offered in My Wall Street Therapy Office

Here are some examples of the kind of problems that people who seek therapy in Manhattan’s Financial District need help with:

  1. Stress Management – I help people balance the demands of an extremely busy job with all other needs outside of work. Patients learn concrete stress management tools through my cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) approach. They learn to interpret stressors in a healthier way, including having more faith in their ability to cope with future events.
  2. Anxiety – A supremely busy schedule in and out of work often promotes waves of anxiety. I work hard to help people manage their anxiety with great success. People with social anxiety can also benefit from my techniques for building social confidence and reducing mental interference in social situations.
  3. Depression – I work with people to not only understand unhealthy cognitive distortions maintaining depression, but to take actionable steps to improve their mood and decision-making skills.
  4. Career Coaching – Whether you are struggling to make it to the next step in your career, pondering a career change or just starting out in a challenging career, I offer effective therapy to help you manage your obstacles and goals.
  5. Panic Attacks – I am a specialist in helping New Yorkers overcome panic and high anxiety. I help you prepare for future signs of panic and manage panic attacks in the moment.
  6. Executive Coaching/Therapy – I work with high-level executives to excel in leadership positions. I offer training in mastering the demands of corporate life and balancing personal and professional needs.
  7. Couples Therapy/ Marriage Counseling – I work with couples to improve their relationship. I offer specific tools to use in order to promote a higher level of cooperation, understanding and resilience. Couples also learn to how to keep past influences from effecting their present reality.
  8. Alcohol and Substance Abuse – I assist New Yorkers with overcoming addiction and planning for relapse management.
  9. History of Neglecting Health/Mental Health – Coping with depression as a result of career disappointment/burnout or neglect of health/mental health.
  10. Conflict Management on the Job/ Managing A Difficult Boss or Co-Workers – I teach conflict resolution skills. I help people to manage their work life under the control of a difficult/abusive boss or challenging coworkers.
  11. Anger Management – I teach people how to manage their anger more effectively.
  12. Self-Esteem – I work with patients to understand the influences on their self-esteem. I am an expert in helping people build confidence and limiting the negative effects of childhood and relationship experiences on self-worth.