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Often times, people gain a greater sense of their goals for treatment once they enter the flow of therapy and have a bit of time to think between sessions about the areas in which they struggle. My goal is for you to leave the first session with a general understanding of my approach to treatment and a sense that we are collaborating to help you to relieve the psychological discomfort you are experiencing.

As a psychologist, I focus on personality qualities, internalized images, habits, and beliefs that promote resilience. I pay very close attention to utilizing personal strengths to compensate for vulnerabilities, and I help clients to position themselves in a way that maximizes opportunities for growth and self-actualization.

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is a free self-help website for stress and anxiety. Here you will find
information given from a personal perspective based on real personal
experience. Topics include, panic, agoraphobia, stress management
tips and techniques, natural stress relief and much more!

Stress Management for Health
The website where you can understand how stress affects our health and find plenty of tested stress management techniques that really work free of any charges.

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