The effects of depression can be so punishing that it becomes hard to complete basic tasks of daily living. Depression therapy can help immensely.

Many people are not sure what constitutes depression versus normal sadness. The experience of depression can range from mild and occasional melancholia to episodes of severe and debilitating outages of hope, energy and meaning.

Therapy for depression can make a significant difference in how you feel, think and act. I’ve had great success working with people who present with all forms of depression, including complicated bereavement, chronic and mild sadness and major depression.

There is a way to overcome the horrible elements of depression and I’d like the opportunity to help you through it if you believe you are depressed now or if you have a history of depression.

I incorporate Enhanced CBT into my practice of psychotherapy with people who are struggling with depression. I help you attack your depression from many angles, as opposed to limiting the therapy to the promotion of insight.

I take an active and collaborative approach to helping you feel relief from depression.