Why and How I’m Always Striving to Be the Kind of Therapist NYC Needs

I love what I do. I find it such an honor to work as a psychologist with the amazing people of New York City. This is why I am striving to be the therapist NYC needs.

I appreciate the complexity of people’s lifestyles, situations, decisions, work interests and more. Over the years I’ve learned how to help people check in with their emotional state and make effective decisions to simplify life wherever this is possible.

The tools I offer in treatment are designed to make New Yorkers feel like they are equipped to handle an uncertain future. Too many NY therapists focus on insight as a way to bring about change. Insight is only a small part of what helps people. This is why so many people remain in therapy three times a week for years. It’s because the therapy is not as effective as it could be.

Modern life is very complex. It requires people to use specific techniques to overcome difficult mental and emotional states. I employ cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) toward the goal of giving people concrete tools to walk away with from each session.

The unfortunate truth is that it’s becoming harder in modern society to maintain a basic level of happiness. We are bombarded by the media telling us what to worry about. People are more anxious than ever about the state of our country. There are more distractions to take us away from building powerful memories and bonding effectively with the people we love. This stress gets piled on top of whatever we are prone to experiencing, like panic, social anxiety, depression and attentional difficulties.

I will tell you that with good help change can really happen, and it doesn’t take millions of sessions to feel real change.

I want the opportunity to help you.

All the best,

Greg Kushnick